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The focus of this class is to generate new, first-draft material. We will use writing exercises and prompts to bust through blocks and generate new work. Got a nasty inner critic? Tell 'em to take a hike when you sign up for this class!


This class is based on the Amherst Writers & Artists Method pioneered by Pat Schneider. At the heart of this method is the idea that we, as writers, require a safe space to create. From this safe space of being supported and affirmed, we take more risks and our writing, in turn, kicks more ass. 

The class only works if everyone agrees to a certain set of guidelines. If you sign up, you will be expected to adhere to these guidelines. Seriously. I will make you sign a piece of paper.

  • NONHIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE: Everyone will participate in the writing exercises and will be encouraged to read their work aloud. That includes your not-so-fearless facilitator. Mutual risk = mutual respect. We're all in this together.

  • CONFIDENTIALITY: All writing is treated as fiction and it does not leave the room.

  • POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLY ON FIRST DRAFTS: Period. Negativity of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes not-so-helpful "suggestions" or "questions" that are really just roundabout ways to say shitty things. When you share work in class, you can expect your fellow writers to comment on what they liked and what they remembered. That's it.

Not down with the rules? Don't sign up. Seriously. 

Otherwise, anything goes. Poetry. Prose. Fiction. Memoir. Sci-Fi. Standup comedy. Lesbian vampire fiction. All of it. Allow this class to be your safe space where you dig a little deeper and push a little harder. Do it. Life's too short for anything else.


  • TIME: Carve dedicated time out of your schedule for your writing. Commit. The laundry can wait. Underwear can be turned inside out.

  • ATMOSPHERE: Enter a structured space of affirmation and support guided by a facilitator. From here, expect only awesomeness.

  • COMMUNITY: Spend time with humans. It's nice. Spending time with Writing Humans is even nicer. They don't think it's weird if you have conversations with imaginary people and, sometimes, they tell you if you have spinach in your teeth.

  • RISK TAKING: Venture out on a limb. Dare to tell your great-aunt's story. Finally start that TV script. Give haikus a try. A supportive environment can help make that happen.

  • SUPPORT: It bears repeating. No competition. No bullshit. Only warm and fuzzies. Never doubt the power of warm and fuzzies.


Winter Dates - Coming Soon!


Where ever you are! We will connect via Zoom. You can sit in your special writing chair. Have a cup of tea. Take your pants off. Whatever works for you. 


Allison is a writer and facilitator who lives in the Lake Tahoe area. She is a novelist who finds it easier to tell the truth when she's making stuff up. She has an MFA and the emotional scars to prove it.

After teaching writing at the University of Southern California and Mills College, Allison swore she'd never do it again. That is, until she discovered Pat Schneider and the Amherst Writers & Artists Method.

Allison believes a writer is anyone who writes. She loves encouraging writers because she's desperate to build her writing wolf pack one by one...




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